This is my third year teaching with Community-Word Project. CWP supports teaching artists and classroom teachers to start where the learner is and push students to exercise their own potential for meaning-making and appreciation of the ideas, aesthetics, and concepts of artistic practice and creative writing.

I teach others to look closer at the world and discover their unique perspective to communicate ideas through light, color, and space.

Teaching in NYC

People share their perception of the world in different ways. Creativity can emerge as an original way of looking at something or adding something new to what already exists or in creating something completely new. Thinking about your experience in a different way, re-inventing existing ideas, and making something new are extremely valuable to the progression of human thought and building a sustainable global society. Accessing creative thought in varied and productive ways challenges humans to innovate.

Teaching in China

Lisa M. Gutting

Artist, Educator

Each year Pegasus students collaboratively create works of art that are auctioned for charity at Yuanfen~Flow gallery in the 798 Art District. All proceeds benefited children in China affected by HIV & AIDS through the Chi-Heng Foundation.

Beijing & Chengdu

Since 2010, I've been teaching visual arts for Alpha Partners Education's Pegasus Model United Nations Program.  Students engage the creative process to look, listen, feel, pretend, interpret, explain, question, and reflect to demonstrate an understanding of self and relate to multiple perspectives in a global context.

In 2013, we studied the artworks of Wassily Kandinsky & microscopic HIV virus imagery, building curiosity while constructing complex thinking processes. Students explored art elements such as color, shape, movement, line, expression, emotion, meaning, and atmosphere.