Arts and Poetry integration in NYC.

I teach in NYC schools through Community-Word Project, a NYC non-profit that supports teaching artists & classroom teachers to facilitate inquiry-based learning through connections to self, writing, and the arts.  Collaboration and opportunities for leadership guide our classroom residencies.

"We perceive, we shape the world, and as artists we discover and give value to our human potential to 'see' the infinite richness (beauty?) in everything, creating an extended aesthetic reality."

                                                                                 -- Robert Irwin

Teaching Visual Arts in China.

Since 2010, I've been teaching visual arts for Alpha Partners Education's Pegasus Model United Nations Program.  Students engage the creative process to look, listen, feel, pretend, interpret, explain, question, and reflect to demonstrate an understanding of self and relate to multiple perspectives in a global context.

Artist Statement

Perception is a process for knowing and representing our presence in the world. Words, pictures, symbols, and sounds are forms of mental imagery that organize our individual processes of perceiving and reasoning. Experiencing works of art encourages each viewer to look closer at the world and discover their unique perspective in relation to the form of an artist's ideas. Through, across, between, the perception of space, time, and light.

Lisa M. Gutting

Artist, Educator